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30 Days of Wincest —-> Day 01: The moment I started shipping them

Well, I can’t say this was the exact moment, but it was pretty damn close. I was sort of… spoiled for Wincest before I even started watching the show back in April 2008. One of my friends at the time kept begging me to watch it, and she was a huge Wincest shipper. When I finally did, I really couldn’t have not shipped it (and that’s only partly because of my prior exposure). 

Anyway, this moment was the first that made me sort of feel something (which is odd, considering the episode up to this point has Mary burning on the ceiling, but I digress). I just love that despite their differences, Dean comes to collect Sam, even if he could just have easily have gone searching alone; it’s been four years and Dean still hasn’t given up on his brother. 

There’s not really much that I can say about it, but even after four years, this pairing still makes me cry and hurt and shiver and flail about wildly. There’s something to that, and either it says something about me or about the pairing. Let’s pretend it’s about the pairing. :P Seriously, the depth of feeling that encompasses them is what makes me ship it; the fact that they’d die rather than live without each other, the fact that they’ll do just about anything to get each other back. It’s a very complicated, messy, and extremely deep love. <3

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